THON ’18

This year’s annual THON event raised more than $10,000,000 for children’s pediatric cancer research! Since 1977, the Penn State student-run charitable event has raised a grand total of $146 million for the fight against cancer.  Our chapter, through our members’ generous contributions, donated $3000 to the effort and supported THON student representative Rachel Reiss as she danced 46 hours in THON this weekend to fight pediatric cancer. Rachel even performed with the Blue Band in her role as Blue Sapphire, (feature twirler) during the pep rally last night after dancing over 26 hours.   Thanks, again, go to Lori Bowers Uhazie who has helped us by providing a student for our chapter to support in this great Penn State philanthropic effort.  Lori participated in THON herself 26 years ago—when she was but a child!

For the past three years, The Myrtle Beach Alumni Chapter has partnered with a student organization for our THON donation, and this year added a “Care Package” program as well. We would like to introduce you to the recipient of the care package and the student organizations she represents that received credit for the chapter’s THON contribution of $2000 to fight pediatric cancer.

Rachel Reiss is a Penn State senior from Lancaster, PA. She is graduating in May with degrees in Business Entrepreneurship and French.
She is a Schreyer Honors Scholar and a Paterno Fellow. Rachel was the “Blue Sapphire” (Feature Twirler) for the marching Blue Band for four years. She was THON chairperson in charge of fundraising for the Senior leadership honor society, “ParmiNous”, and she also danced in THON representing the most elite group of campus leaders, “Lions Paw Senior Society”. No more than 15 students are selected for this honor each year. Their emphasis is on service to Penn State as students and beyond. Rachel serves as president of the organization.

The Myrtle Beach Chapter donation represented one-half of our charitable donations for the year.  We Are…