Support Our Communications Intern in THON 2019!

Support Our Communications Intern in THON 2019!

As all of you know, THON is our biggest charitable involvement and our yearly fundraising efforts are even more special because our very own Communications Intern, Alex Frole, is fundraising for THON and to possibly independently dance during THON Weekend of 2019. 

Alex is a senior at Penn State, majoring in Broadcast Journalism, and has been helping Penn State with their fundraising efforts ever since she was a freshman. Alex was apart of a National Service Sorority called Gamma Sigma Sigma and served as their THON Fundraising Chair during their 2017-2018 year. Alex has built great bonds with Four Diamonds Families and hopes to dance along side them during THON Weekend.

With your contribution to this amazing cause, Alex and her dancer partner Cecilia will be entered into a lottery system and hope to be picked in order to have the chance to stand up and dance for a cure.

If any of you are planning to donate directly to THON, this year, we ask that you credit Alex and her partner Cecilia.

You can either credit them by name “Alexandra Frole and Cecilia Mabilais-Estevez” or by dancer number #2349. You can also learn more about Alex’s fundraising efforts and access their donor page by following this link:

If you would like to help them with any possible alumni alternative fundraisers, they would love the support. You can contact Alex directly at or at 973-618-6918.