Board Meeting Minutes, July 31st

Board Meeting Minutes, July 31st


Myrtle Beach Chapter

Penn State Alumni Association

Board Meeting Minutes, July 31st 2018

Call to order:  6:00 PM

Attendees:  Tom Hendrickson, Steve Griswold, Mark Johnson, Paula Brown, Ralph Waltman, Debbie Banzhoff, Jolene Johnson, Steve Cotillion

  1. Opening Remarks
  • The meeting was called to order at TBonz Restaurant in Myrtle Beach, SC., by Tom Hendrickson.
  • Tom introduced the new Board members and provided a contact sheet for all current board members, a copy of the meeting agenda, a document with contacts for the four local charities supported by the chapter, a document listing Board member assignment and a report of activities the chapter was involved with to reach appropriate levels of distinction.
  • Tom Hendrickson summarized the result of the golf committee meeting held July 30, 20018. The 3rd Annual golf tournament went well.  Everyone was satisfied with the coordination of the event and the support given to the association by the staff of the Hackler Golf course at Coastal Carolina University.  The golf tournament netted over $2,900.00.  The committee would contact Hackler management about open dates for the 4th annual event.
  • Tom Hendrickson initiated a discussion on the chapter’s stance regarding enhancing or maintaining the levels of distinction the chapter could achieve.  It was decided the chapter would first concentrate on reaching the Laurel Level of Distinction that was achieved by the chapter in past years.  Attainment of the Elm level would require an endowment contribution that would be difficult to establish without a significant commercial or private benefactor.  A discussion ensued about the Categories of Recognition that could be maintained in the upcoming year to maintain at least the Lion Level and hopefully the Laurel Level.  Steve Griswold summarized contacts made to support college nights at Horry County high schools this fall and suggested we reach out to the PSUAA for guidance on what type of representation the chapter could provide and whether the University or the PSUAA could provide handout materials for students interested in attending PSU.
  • Board members determined the current chapter guidelines needed no revision or edits.
  1. Financial Status Report

Mark Johnson presented the Treasurer’s Report as of July 31, 2018 via a spreadsheet listing all expenditures and receipts.  End balance as of 7/31/18 was $4,797.49 for the checking account and $3,906.92 for the savings account for a total of $8,704.41.  The treasurer’s report was accepted by all members in attendance.

III. Agenda Items

  • Communications
    • Steve Cotillion explained his coordination with past secretary, Vince Rizzo, to take over maintenance of the chapter website and periodic membership communications.   Steve is in the process of interviewing several candidates for an intern to help maintain the website.  The Chapter continues to email weekly updates and informational notes to a group of 402 members and non-member alumni who live in the region.
    • The website will continue to provide links to some significant articles about Penn State sports teams, Penn State related news and GOPSUSPORTS.
  • Membership Drive
    • Membership was discussed with an emphasis placed on achieving a goal to get all past chapter members to renew their chapter membership. Despite growing to near 200 paid members in 2016, current paid membership was less than 100.  It is common that many memberships are renewed once the football game viewing resumes at Milardo’s.  However, despite a noticeable increase in the number of persons attending the football viewing parties in 2017, paid membership has fallen from historical highs. The Board decided to send a membership renewal reminder to all past members and other on the email list asking that they renew their membership at the first football viewing outing they attend.  Only paid members would be eligible for the Happy Hour pricing agreed to between the chapter and Milardo’s management which would be controlled via paid members receiving a name sticker upon checking in at the outings.  It was decided Steve Griswold would compose a tasteful reminder that membership and the resulting dues contribute to the Chapter’s support of local charities in the true Penn State spirit in addition to allowing those attending the football viewing parties to take advantage of the special pricing on food and drink arranged for paid members by the chapter.
  • Chapter Charities
    • The Chapter will continue to support Tara Hall, Back Pack Buddies, Toys for Tots, Jason’s House, and THON.
  • Social Committee
    • Paula Brown briefed the Board on the events planned by the social committee as well as for Chapter alumni association clothing that will be available for sale. Paula will coordinate with Steve Cotillion to establish a means for members to view clothing available via the website and to download an order form.  Paula would also explore the cost of adding baseball caps, visors and a windbreaker with chapter logo to the items for sale.
  • Football Viewing
    • Viewing parties continued for each Penn State Football game this season at Milardo’s Pizzeria and Sports Pub, Murrells Inlet, SC starting September 1, 2018. The Board is researching the possibility of a second viewing site for Football games for the folks living in the North Myrtle Beach area.
    • It was suggested that a PSU memorabilia event might be better at the annual dinner or picnic rather than at a football viewing event since such an event would not involve the general public being at the event.
  • Annual Dinner
    • A discussion was held about possibly combining the chapter dinner and chapter picnic into one event. Since both events are usually attended by many of the same members it was suggested a speaker could be provided at the picnic in a less formal setting than where dinners were held in the past.  Since both the dinner and the picnic were held at the clubhouse of the International Club Golf Course this past year it might be more cost effective and convenient to combine the events.  Since membership expressed satisfaction with the site for both the dinner and picnic, Steve Griswold will contact the site to determine open dates between late April 2019 and early June 2019.  A determination will be made at a later meeting regarding adoption of this change.
    • Mark Johnson and Ralph Waltman are pursuing possible speakers for the event.
  • PSU License Plates
    • Status pending further information from PSUAA
  • 2019 Golf Event
    • The golf committee suggested holding the event once again at the Hackler course and will try to establish a date for June 1 or 8, 2019.

Adjournment:  7:35 PM

Respectfully submitted by

Steve Griswold, Secretary